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00268901 burkert8746型质量流量控制器
来源:http://vt-vt.com2016-11-6 19:13:17

00268901 burkert8746型质量流量控制器 参数如下:8746-GFC-LUF-0500L5,000-BE25A GM82AL

Type 8746 - Mass Flow Controller (MFC)/ Mass Flow Meter (MFM) for Gases

Type Description

The mass flow controller / meter type 8746 for gases is intended for the use in a büS or CANopen network. The büS network technology is based on CAN physics and was developed by Bürkert especially for Industrial Ethernet or fieldbus communication in applications with multiple control loops. In combination with the system control unit (SCU) type ME2X, the CANopen based communication can be translated to the customer’s fieldbus. The mass flow controller (MFC) / meter (MFM) can always be switched between büS and CANopen communication. Given that, Type 8746 can also be directly integrated into existing CANopen networks. Type 8746 can be configured as MFM or MFC. Optional, two different gases can be calibrated. The thermal inline sensor is located directly in the main gas stream and therefore reaches very fast response times. A direct-acting proportional valve as regulating unit guarantees high sensitivity. The integrated PI controller ensures outstanding control characteristics of the MFC / MFM. Type 8746 is especially designed for use in harsh environments due to a low sensitivity to contamination, high protection class and explosion-proof.

1)Nominal flow ranges from 20 lN/min up to 2500 lN/min
2)High accuracy and repeatability
3)Protection class IP65
4)Communication via fieldbus based on CANopen
5)Optional: ATEX II Cat. 3G/D



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